Batte melt pump






摩登6(摩登6)公司的政策是以一直持续不断的研究与开发为基础,使摩登6(摩登6)公司得以制造出高科技高效率的摩登6等产品,具有卓越的产品可靠度,这些产品是通过精心挑选原材料与零部件,在整个机械加工过程中,仔细检查每一个部分,最后再以熟练的经验来装配完成。物品出厂前必须经过严格的调试,使摩登6每一个产品在离开工厂前都有好的品质保证。 摩登6(摩登6)公司的目标是以提高客户的使用价值,通过持续不断的努力,提供更好的服务品质,从而获得客户的认同,惠于更多的订单。

Batte has accumulated abundant experiences on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture pumps professionally. Recently, according to the development trend of melt pumps' application all over the world, especially in the field of precise plastic extrusion, we have done extensive research on the pump operation performance, practical function, equipment structure and control technology and achieved regular achievements.

Batte's policy is to be based on continuous researches and exploitations. That makes us manufacture high-tech and high efficient products which have excellent reliability.

All raw materials and spare parts of products are selected carefully and assembled with skilled experience. Pre-delivery debugging of melt pumps is the best quality assurance before they are leaving the factory.